Our story

A year ago I said to my Mum I wanted to start a brand but didn't know what to call it. Something you should know about my Mum is that she's really good at building businesses from scratch, in fact she mentors people on how to take their ideas and make them into businesses, so we often have talks about business. 

A few months ago I was in a religion class thinking about what my brand would be, and wrote out some words that were religious based and drew some designs using the words so I didn't get into trouble for being off task.

On the way home from school I was telling Mum about the class and that I had been playing with a few words and designs for the brand. Mum looked at the page I had been working on and saw the word FAITHFUL and said 'Oh wow Jax, that would be a great brand for you!' we talked about it, and she asked me to draw onto something bigger. I found an old bit of cardboard in the garage and drew my design on it and the FAITHFUL brand was born.

Faithful Surfwear

During the Easter school holidays, (and before my 13th birthday), Mum unbeknown to me, took my design and transformed it into a digital image, created and built a website, sourced a product and printer company to bring my brand and designs to life. 

What you see on the website at the moment are the first lot of designs—the Faithful original design. Our first roll out of my designs. 


Our hope is to create an awesome homegrown brand that people love being part of, and love wearing. 

Thank you for listening to our story and thanks heaps for your support. We look forward to you becoming part of the Faithful tribe.

Jax & Mum 

Please email us if you would like to stock Faithful in your shop. 

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