When will there be a girls range? It's on it's way! Mum created a brand called Spirited that she put on hold to work on Faithful. We have you covered girls, have faith ;-) It's coming!

How long will it take for my order to come? When you order, you select the time frame you wish for your product to be delivered within. So that one is totally up to you. Make a note of when your product is due to arrive and if it doesn't arrive and has gone missing in action with our courier, please let us know asap so we can hunt it down for you. 

Are the products Australian made? Not yet, but that's our aim. Because we only had $100 to begin with, our options for clothing suppliers was pretty limited. When the kitty increases, we'll be able to choose an Australian company to supply and print our products at a rate that is affordable and cost effective for us too. Right now, your support in placing orders helps make that happen sooner rather than later. Watch this space. 

How do I contact you? Via our email contact form on the website, Facebook or Insta messager. 

How can we support you? The greatest way you can lend your support is to buy our products. That truly is so incredibly important and crucial in helping to grow the business, introduce new products and are capacity to source better suppliers that offer great quality at more cost effective prices so everyone wins. Aside from that, every like, every share, every comment, every review, every time you mention FAITHFUL is going to be greatly appreciated. Together we can build this brand to one of Australia's biggest! 

Can you do an interview? YES! Anytime, just drop us a line and we'd love to—any support and exposure is very welcomed. 

If you have any other questions, please let us know! :-)