No one ever does anything by themselves—it takes a team, it takes a community and it takes lots of very cool people that invest themselves, their time, their resources, who lend a hand, show an interest, and basically cheer you on.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say an ENORMOUS thank you to our family, our friends, the local community, and the local media for all being so incredibly supportive and for helping to spread the FAITHFUL brand far and wide. 

We couldn't have done it without you, and appreciate every like, every comment, every share of our posts, every email, every text, every purchase, every review, every interview and basically every bit of good energy that comes our way. THANKS HEAPS EVERYONE! 

We hope that Faithful will become Australia's biggest selling surf brand and with so many incredible people supporting us and building the FAITHFUL tribe—it's destined to be! 

Jax & Rach

* Gals range coming soon! 



Sunshine Coast Daily 17 April 2018 

Nine Local News 17 April 2018 - link coming